Hospitality - Menu Covers

We save you money - Our low cost off the shelf menu covers are targeted at the cafe/bistro market.

We promote your brand - Digital printing or embossing is available to show off your restaurant.

We supply your everyday needs

ALBOX Archival 

We proect your treasures - Our ALBOX range of products will protect your photos or anything that needs to kept long term.

We save you the heart ache of valuable items being damaged - The use of polypropylene has benefits over PVC. Anyone interested in conservation will appreciate the many and varied products available.

Records Management - Archival enclosures have an important role in keeping office records safe.


We protect your floors. A floor mat for every purpose, welcome mats, anti-fatigue, wet area, gymnastics.

We promote your brand - Add images and text to your logo mats to show off your products and marketing image..

We personalise your bar runners and floor mats - Upload your digital images when you order.

We also provide rugs.

Preview Plastics

We make anything out of PVC or polypropylene. Creating custom products has been the core business of Preview for many years. You name it can and we can make it.

We promote your brand - Putting your name on the products is a lasting way to advertise your business.

We provide many unique products - there is long list of possible things that can be made, library straps, breathing apparatus board, audit bags, trade plate holders, pockets and sleeves, and more.